Residential Garage Door Remote

Replace your existing garage door opener remote to change the frequency, or replace a broken or lost remote!

Reprogram Existing Garage Door Remote or Replace it!

Our universal residential garage door remote can be programmed to operate 4 different doors and/or gates.  It's compact, light and convenient and comes with both a visor clip and a lanyard -- so you can either clip to visor or attach it to a key chain. 

Replacement or Duplication of an existing remote is quick and simple.  Only takes minutes.  Can be programmed to operate up to four different opener units.

This powerful compact remote is compatible with most popular brands of garage door openers.

New home owners often rekey (change) their existing locks to prevent anyone having a key, from the previous owner, from gaining entry to the house.

Garage door frequencies can also be changed to keep anyone with an existing remote from entering the garage or opening a gate.

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