Ignition Problem Grand Rapids MI

Read this before you replace your ignition!   Broken Key, Key Won't turn, or won't go into ignition!

An ignition problem in Grand Rapids MI could be that your key is stuck in the ignition or won't go in.  Could be a broken key in the ignition or could be that you lost your ignition key.  We can help you fix your ignition and/or replace your ignition key.  Maybe you have an ignition key but it won't lock or unlock your car doors.

RemotesCarKeys is a local locksmith that specializes in ignition repair! Why replace it if you can repair it?  If it needs to be replaced and someone other than a locksmith replaces the ignition, they will be unable to fix the new ignition back to your original key pattern, you will suffer the inconvenience of needed to lock/unlock your doors with a different key, or worse yet (in the case of lost or damaged key) not having a key to lock/unlock the doors at all.  Whenever we have to replace an iginiton, we do have the ability to fix the ignition back to your original key pattern.

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