Automotive Keyless Entry Remotes Grand Rapids MI

Where to find keyless entry remotes Grand Rapids MI ?

Keyless entry remotes Grand Rapids MI can be purchased and programmed locally. is a local locksmith business in Grand Rapids, MI. Located at 1616 Diamond Ave NE, Grand Rapids MI 49505 we are convenient to most areas of the city and suburbs. Specializing in car keys and keyless entry remotes, we carry a complete selection of OEM (Original Equipment Manufactured) approved remotes, from the original style remotes that are hooked to your key with a key ring, right up the newest "push to start" Key Fob Remote that only needs to be nearby to start the car.

Like to avoid the high cost of the dealerships? Unsure about the quality of key fobs offered online?

Are you thinking ... The dealerships are too expensive, I'll save money and buy it online!

Are you thinking ... What if I take the chance and buy it online, then how do I get it programmed?  Now, in Grand Rapids MI we are offering an alternative!


Car keys and key fobs sold online don't have to be OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) approved!  This means the vendors selling online are not required to sell Factory Brand items.  If you buy an after-market item, understand they are not made with the same level of consistency or quality to be compatible with all vehicles. (We have an inconsistent level of success with programming the after-market items).  

NOTE:  Need to be specific was to whether your car is equipped with "push button start".  Fobic will look exactly the same as the one without push button start, but will not work with your vehicle!

What if I already have my remote?

Need to program a keyless entry remotes Grand Rapids MI ?  If you already have a remote and are looking to have it programmed, we can help.  Even if you prefer to do-it-yourself but have exhausted all solutions to program your car remote, we can help.  We can check to make sure you received the right one, and program yours.  We do offer programming service for customer purchased remotes, as well as stock, sell and program remotes.  Whether you found it locally or at an online retailer, give us a call.

Please call us for a quote, before you buy.  You might be surprised that our price for the remote and programming might be almost identical to price you'll pay if you take a chance and order one yourself, pay the shipping and then come to us to complete the programming.

If you have not purchased your key or remote yet, please read this first!  We carry most remotes in stock, or can get them for you overnight.  We can make sure you actually purchase the correct remote.  Many vehicles -- Lexus, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Subaru, VW an d others offer a multitude of options for the same vehicle (FCC ID's that match vehicle's VIN # to communicate with the vehicle).

Some remotes and car keys can be self-programmed, meaning you can do it yourself.  Information can be found online from many sources. Unfortunately, not all are completely accurate or easily understandable.  Also, many instructions online will help you program the buttons (in the case of a remote head key or fobic) but not the transponder chip itself. In order for the vehicle to start, the transponder chip inside needs to be paired to the vehicle, with special equipment, not available to the general public.

If you have a question about whether your remote can be self-programmed. Use this link to find out. 

Get A Quote for Automotive Keyless Entry Remotes Grand Rapids MI . . .

In order to provide an accurate quote for purchase and programming of a keyless remote, we will need the following:

Exact year, make and model of your vehicle.

Functions required for your remote (ie. Lock, Unlock, Trunk, Remote Start, etc.)

Might need vin # to match FCC# to your vehicle.

We will make an appointment for you and give you the time it will require.  It only take about 10-15 minutes to program the average remote.  REMEMBER, we will need your vehicle present to program a remote Grand Rapids MI.  We are open SIX days a week!

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