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Keyless Remote Replacement Grand Rapids MI.  Local Locksmith is a convenient, local source for OEM (Original Equipment Manufacture Approved) keyless entry remotes, key fob programming as well as ignition key duplication and repair of car keys (including the newest transponder chip, remote head, fobic and proximity keys.  Call us today! We have a large inventory and if we don't have it in stock, we can order it in for the next business day or day after.


Car keys and key fobs sold online don't have to be OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) approved!  This means the vendors that sell online are not required to sell Factory Brand items.  If you buy an after-market item, understand they are not made with the same level of consistency or quality.  They are not guaranteed to be compatible with all vehicles. (We find about 50/50% of success with them.)

Keyless Remote Replacement Grand Rapids MI 

Key Fob Programming

Remotes, Remote Head Keys, Fobics & Proximity Keys usually (especially the newest vehicles) all require specialized equipment for programming with the assistance of a vehicle locksmith.  If it is a replacement or 2nd key/remote, and you can bring the vehicle to us, to program it at our shop or, if you are unable to drive the vehicle to us, and would prefer we come to you, we can do that too.

Can I program it myself?

If you have a car with self programming (meaning you can do it yourself), we can provide the keyless remote replacement and the internet is loaded with instructions on how to program your own car key fob.   

Most of the vehicles on the road today, require specialized equipment for keyless remote replacement Grand Rapids MI and the assistance of a vehicle locksmith for key fob programming.

If you would prefer, we can (for a fee) come and program it for you at the vehicle. 

Don't replace your ignition before you call us.  Replacing your ignition, when all you need is to replace the key is crazy overkill.  It is usually much less expensive to replace the key and you will avoid the inconvenience of having a car you can't lock, because the new ignition key will not work in the doors / trunk.

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